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Audrée and Mathieu are parents of a 5, soon to be 6 children family. They live in the magical woods of the Eastern Townships, Province of Québec, Canada. In these magical woods, you can see unicorns quite often. Their little girl, Julie, even tamed a wild unicorn when she was 5 years old. So husband and wife began to seek unicorn related items.

Since they chose to focus on raising children, they work from home, on their multiple e-shops of stuff they like, such as ecofriendlyfamily.life and its french language copy: cellulefamiliale.com. They are also huge fans of The Beatles, so they started iheartunicorns.com. Since they like camping, they are working on iheartcamping.net, but the site is not ready, yet.

They want to thank you warmly for chosing to shop at iheartunicorns.net. While you benefit of great unicorn items at a great price, you support their dream of having a large family and spending time raising it.

Here are a picture of their family and a picture of their house in the magical woods:

I Heart Unicorns About https://iheartunicorns.net/about/
This picture of our family was taken in November 2019. We are now waiting for a little boy to arrive in the end of June 2020. Binette Family: Félix, Emmanuel, Audrée, Mathieu, Julie, Rémi, Laurence.
I Heart Unicorns About https://iheartunicorns.net/about/
This is our house in the magical woods of Canada

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